The 1927 Chevrolet Series AA Capitol was the car that helped Chevy unseat Ford on top of the U.S. sales chart. The Series AA Capitol was a good car, but the real reason Chevy overtook Ford for the first time ever was that Ford had shut down its production lines as changed over from the Model T to the all-new Model A. Chevy retired the Superior model line and replaced it with the Capitol. Billed as "The Most Beautiful Chevrolet Ever," the Capitol series featured a new radiator shell, fully crowned fenders, and bullet-style headlights.

The AA was offered in no less than eight body styles, two door couch, coupe, roadster, sport cabriolet, four-door Imperial Landau, Landau sedan, sedan and a touring model.

The 2687 CC engine was quite modern for the times, with overhead valves, producing 26 bhp at 2000 rpm, this gave a top speed of around 80 kmh.

The chassis had both service and emergency breaks only on the rear wheels, both operating on the same break drum. Interesting fact is that the service break operated on the external surface of the drum instead the inner, as accepted on modern cars.

This example of the AA features a “rumble” rear seat, a first for Chevrolet, which is located inside the boot, to accommodate two extra passengers.

A 1927 Chevrolet AA Capitol was used in the Oscar movie (1991), starring Kirk Douglas and Sylvester Stallone.

This car has 11000 Miles on board.